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With over 30 years experience in Network Engineering, Server and Desktop support, Telephone Systems and Cabling, we are confident that we are the best choice for many of your IT needs.  No matter the technology - a Peer to Peer Network, a single Domain Network, a multi-location or multi-Domain Network, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in ensuring a smooth transition.

Lift & Shift

Moving existing technology hardware from old to new locations.  From ordering circuits, moving desktop computers and peripherals to Routers and Switches, to Servers and wired / wireless networks.  We move all your technology for you, help you procure new circuits at the new location or help you replace part or all of your technology.  Moving services are handled in coordination with your staff to ensure that every item is accounted for, arrives in the correct location and is functioning properly upon completion.  

Technology Refresh

If you are planning to replace all the desktop computers in your company, or the servers in your server room, we can help with imaging, installation, setup, distribution and asset recording.  Make sure that your investment dollars are where you expect them to be and ensure they are deployed by experienced professionals.  We can provide Imaging of systems and image deployment to ensure a stable and uniform environment for your users.  We can work with your IT department or as your IT department, depending on your needs.

Data & Application Migration

Migrating to a new payroll application? Installing a new ERP?  Purchasing new or additional servers?  We can help you move your data and applications from the old to the new.  Data Conversion, Migration, upgrades or replacement - we can ensure that your data is where it needs to be.   Data Security is one of our specialties, whether your moving data or not, if you want to ensure that users only have access to the data they should, we can audit your data security and protect your data from improper access.

Engineering & Installation

Whether you're moving or not, perhaps you just want a new network, a server upgrade/replacement or adding on to your existing network.  We will apply our 30 plus years of Network Engineering experience to assist you in accomidating growth, new technologies and ever changing business needs.

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Technology Lift & Shift

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